Greetings Gentle readers,

Of late I have been enthralled by something fairly new to me,  Men’s Rights Advocates (MRA) and Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW).  These are groups of men with similar, though not apparently the same goals.  These goals seem to range from protecting men from the “oppressive legal system of divorce court,” to “ghosting” and having nothing to do with women at all. It is rather difficult to ascertain a centralized theme in either group effectively.  Most of my understanding comes from places like Spearhead and MensNewsDaily and my ill received interest in and  While I certainly don’t always (read normally) agree with the opinions and thoughts especially on the proboards sites, it has been enlightening (and frightning) for me to know that there are men out there like this.  There is quite a bit of misogyny in some of these groups, just as there is an equal amount of misandry in many Feminist groups.

Let me delve into what I know about the groups.  First up are the MRA men.  These men seem to be the sane ones of the genre, though not all supporters can claim lucidity equally effectively.  I have had a brush with MRA before, I naievely thought they were mostly concerned with child visitation,  punative divorce courts, and false rape/domestic violence accusations, which are certainly issues facing men in this day and age.  These men mostly seem to want to champion Father’s rights to see their kids and equality in divorce courts.  On the surface this does seem reasonable and I for one think if you are going to have kids then they should have access to both parents.  I abhor women that use kids to punish men, just as I do for men that use aggression to control women.  However, there is also a darker undertone to the group.  A portion of the commentators on Spearhead and MND seem to want to roll back civilization to a “might makes right” or a system that are much more Darwinistic than a civil society would tolerate.  Amongst the comments I have read are things like “Women must be grateful for male accomplishments and behave accordingly or be punished.”(Spearhead). That seems a bit too John Norman Gorean for me as a political philosophy. Globalman has a particularly interesting take on how rights are determined and defended.  “And so we have had at LEAST 10,000 years of societal brainwashing that MEN have to PROTECT wimmin and children.” (Spearhead) It is brainwashing to protect your partner and offspring?  I am not sure I want to be a part of the world he seems to be indicate.  I am a darwinist by nature and given my genetic talents I could easily compete in the world view that many of these men seem to advocate, but why?  I like civilization, and not just the Sid Meyers version.  I enjoy the comforts of women and an orderly society.  I have noticed that the Libertarian mindset that seems to run rampant and often roughshod over some of these discussions is uniquely tailored to men.  Many men see ourselves as “rugged individualists” and thus a form of government under the Libertarian construct seems to appeal to us by the basic principles, however Libertarianism has its flaws and sadly most are on display in the MRA comments sections.

I would enjoy some intelligent MRA’s to explain for me their vision of the future if they were in control.  I would like to be shown their Utopia or whatever they choose to term their ideal future.  Right now from what I can gather it is very much a matter open to debate, even amongst the faithful. The only articulation of goals I have found is MRA-principles-and-goals/.

Now on to Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). While researching some travel and lifestyle options, I ran across a board that was called  This ovbiously sounds like a place someone like me would enjoy the virtual camaraderie from other “men that have gone their own way” (MGTOW).  My error was seen rather quickly.  These men weren’t going their own way due to a personal understanding of there own psychology and/or self actualization.  Oh no, these men were pissed off…at women.  They didn’t go there own way by choice, at least not their first choice.  These men have admittedly been hurt and damaged with it comes to women.  Many of them relate stories of sociopathic ex-gf’s, or almost complete isolation from women.  You will find the entire cast of characters you would expect, the nice guy, the loner, the bitter divorcee, the quiet guy that only had one gf that dumped him for some guy with more to offer (or taller), the frustrated family men that have that desire to have babies but can’t find a “worthy” woman to impregnate, ect.   There is an emerging term for these kind of men, Omega men. Most of us have heard the terms Type A and Type B personalities.  Those terms in evolutionary psychology have come to mean type A (alpha) personalities are aggressive and go after what they want in a particular arena. Type B (beta) personalities are more typically more laid back than Alpha’s.  however there is apparently a “new man” emerging, a new species if you will.  Enter Omega men. Here is  a functional definition of them: Omega males – “generally the true nice guys… but also what we call ‘losers’ Generally avoided, and the next day hardly anyone remembers they were even there. The guy who is almost guaranteed not to have sex that night, even if a women by luck takes a fancy to him, because his model of the world isn’t such that he can take a girl home and just have sex with her if he so chooses.” The discussion of social hierarchy and evolutionary psychology is fascinating to me, but probably dull to most that will read this, so in short these are the guys in the sixteen candles geek line up, but now they are older, mean and have a beef with women.

I was immediately struck by the ironically vitriolic and hate filled messages on a message board called HappyBachelor.  Common insults such as “slut” “whorebag” “STD repository” were a sampling of some of the colorful names they gave to mostly American Women (AW) or more generally to women in the “Anglosphere” (almost all westernized countries).  And while most people would simply think this board is a few disgrunteld,and thankfully celebate men, I would provide a bit of insight.  This board is a part of a larger (albeit seemingly not populous) movement within and of MRA.   My readings and subsequent message board registration was part of this research.  I found that MGTOW message isn’t about men’s rights and protecting men from predatory women, but a large net of derision cast on all women, usually based on one. The MGTOW websites are filled with men that hate women and see no personal responsibility in the situations that deteriorated into a living hell for them. Seems like these MGTOW guys and Feminazi’s have something in common.  They are the different sides to the same coin.  Misandry and mysoginy battling one another.  The Yin and Yang of gender hate.

Many of these men believe that women are inferior by nature.  Here is a quote “It took a great deal of experience with women, in the workplace as well as in dating, to make us realize that in fact, women are very different from men, and in most respects inferior. Most feminists are straight women, so you’ll just have to take my word for this: having sex with women does not in any way enhance respect for women. Quite the contrary.” (HappyBachelor)  That is just one sample of the elucidation available by these Happybachelors.  If you are particularly interested Google F. Roger Devlin “PhD” and his cannon for the movement.  It was enlightening and simultaneously frighteningly retarded.  His  Sexual Utopia in power is particularly insightful to the mindset of these Omega men. (Sexual Utopia) I encourage the reading of his works just to acquaint oneself with the philosophy.  These men seem to be championing a resurgence of the 1950′s housewife.  Those that know me would probably take note that I myself have referenced that same ideal before as well.  The difference is choice.  I would want a woman to pick that life and enjoy it.  These men want to force society back into that mold.  They think of women as “perpetual children” and want laws to reflect that, i.e. no property or voting rights.  Time to get back in the kitchen and bake something.  I am sure there are degrees of this ideology and probably some more moderate people.  But most of the reasonable voices seem to be hiding or are being drowned out, much like most women are in hiding or more likely ignoring the more militant Feminism branches.  And on the “internets” we all know those who scream the loudest are right…lol

While I see many themes running through these groups, I want to cover some of the more common ones.  First understand these people are usually traditionalists which is normally code for Christians or at least the traditional family roles often supported by quoting scripture.  So while I will fall short of calling them “Fundimentalist Christians,” they would often find their views compatible with that belief, minus the humility and “love thy neighbor” criteria.  As I mentioned before another strong thread running through these groups is the libertarian world view.   This maybe the more extreme of the libertarian mindset as I have seen and understand that group to stand for. However I see the same language about “big bad government,” “facsism,” and “oppression” that seems to be tenants of some of the libertarian movement.

I am not sure if the MGTOWers have any goals other than to stay away from women, but if they do it has not been articulated on any of their websites at least not in a manner which I could ascertain.  I also welcome these men to show me their ideal world and see if it is even achievable.

Maybe someone from one of these groups can sell me on their idea of how things should be, but until then I remain skeptical that they have a better worldview than most of the people I know.


Mr. Alighieri